LumiReact Resin Hard & Strong

Professional, though and strong. 4 colors available.
3D printing resin Lumireact HS3D printing resin Lumireact HS

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3D printing resin Lumireact Hard & Strong.

Lumi React Hard & Strong is a line of resin suitable for parts requiring a certain hardness.

These resins allow to enhance details accuracy, have a very low shrinkage value and are working both on DLP or UV laser printers with a spectrum between 225nm to 415nm.

They are water-resistant and once solidified they keep intact their characteristics and forms at temperatures between -40 ° and + 220 °.
Contact us to confirm if they are compatible with your printer.

Available in grey, blue teal, orange and in the NEW NATURAL TONE color.



LumiReact HS natural

LumiReact HS Ottanio

LumiReact HS Arancione

LumiReact HS Grey

3D printing resin LumiReact HS characteristics

Color opaque
Viscosity at 25°C 95 mPa.s
Density 1.00 g/cm3
Hardness (Shore D) 80
Units in box: 1