LumiReact CS Resin Castable

Great definition and suitable for metal casting.
3D printing resin Lumireact CS

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3D printing resin LumiReact Castable

Lumi React Castable is our first castable resin suitable for professional printing parts that require a certain hardness.

Available in orange it has an excellent view of the detail. It is optimized to be used on Lumipocket Pro Kit and LumiForge to get a better definition and overall printing quality.

It burns without residues when casting your pieces in bronze, copper, tin or iron using standard vacuum investment casting methods and settings. It is an Ideal resin for casting pieces of art, Toy models, machine parts.

This resin has also a minimum value of shrinkage and works with both printers DLP which in UV laser in a spectrum ranging from 225nm to 415nm approximately.

3D printing resin LumiReact Castable characteristics

Color orange, opaque
Viscosity at 25°C 85 mPa.s
Density 1.05 g/cm3
Hardness (Shore D) 73