Fun To Do Industrial Blend Resin

Resin for industrial applications. 3 colors available.
3D printing resin FTD IB

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3D printing resin Fun To Do Industrial Blend.

The Industrial Blend resin is a resin for 3D printers: it is a special formulation for industrial applications.

Industrial Blend can withstand very low and very high temperatures (tested from -45˚C to 225˚C)- suitable for any test environment. This also makes the Industrial Blend Resin one of the only resins that has been used for vulcanisation

The Industrial Blend resin works with any light source with a wavelength of 225nm to 415nm – this means there is no need to modify DLP 3D printers. Industrial Blend resin also work reliably with some models of SLA 3D printers.

Please note: we do not recommend the use of Unpigmented Industrial Blend resin with the LumiPocket 3D printer.

Super speed

A DLP Printer with a 180 watt lamp will cure a 0.05mm layer in approximately 2 seconds. A 240 watt lamp will cure a 0.05mm layer in half a second. With the Industrial Blend resin you have hardening times among the fastest of all the resins on the market.

Super easy to use

The Industrial Blend resin comes ready to use with pigments already optimised and mixed in.
After initial calibration, there is nothing else to worry about. Special formulation has brought down average shrinkage on these resins to approximately 0.5% (the industry average is 3.5%).

The Industrial Blend resin have a very faint odour and cause minimal skin irritation as compared to other resins.

Super strong

When fully cured the Industrial Blend resin has a hardness of approximately 75 shore D (what does this mean?). Industrial Blend resin has also been tested and proven to withstand a myriad of different chemicals including water, acetone, alcohol and thinner.

Finishing Instructions

  1. Agitate in a vat of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), for 2 minutes to remove excess resin. Use a soft brush if necessary.
  2. Clean off any excess IPA with a cold blowdryer or compressed air.
  3. Leave under the sun or in a UV lamp to cure. The resin is sully cured when fingernails do not leave scratch marks on the object.

Store the resin in a dry, cool, shaded place out of direct sunlight.

Do not soak in IPA or water (the resin is hydrophobic). Do not place in an ultrasonic bath.

More information is available at FunToDo.

3D printing resin Fun To Do Industrial Blend characteristics

Color translucent
Viscosity at 25°C 95 mPa.s
Density 1.00 g/cm3
Hardness (Shore D) 75
Units in box: 1