LumiPocket LT Personal Fabricator

Lumipocket LT Personal Fabricator multifunction 3D printer.

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Lumipocket LT Personal Fabricator, the first multifunction resin based 3D printer. The ideal companion of every Maker.

A real Personal Fabricator with allows you to bring all your projects to life.

Lumipocket Lt is:

  • Resin based 3D printer
  • Laser engraver on several merials
  • PCB etcher

Tech Specs

  • Z axis: 1.8° stepper with microstepping, tested Z step: 50/100 micron
  • XY axis: belt system, approx. 157.48 step per mm, theoretical resolution 6.35micron (limited by Laser beam size and mechanical constraints)
  • Laser Beam size: approx. 80-100 micron
  • Printing / etching XY size: 60x70mm; Z size approx. 5-6cm
  • Laser Power: ~140mw (UV)
  • Device Power: 12V 5A
  • Max consumption: 60W
  • Typical consumption: around 40-50W
  • Dimensions: diameter: 20 cm* h.41 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg
Units in box: 1