Stampante 3D a resina LumiPocket LT

The first multifunctional 3D resin printer OPEN SOURCE based on SLA technology.

Standalone, convenient and compact. Lumipocket LT Personal Fabricator allows you to bring your Maker projects to a higher level!

Made thanks to the success of our third crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter international platform, Lumipocket LT, is an open source project developed to answer several needs:

  • make our previous model Lumipocket even more compact by eliminating the external projector and importing the projection system inside the machine itself;
  • create a low-cost alternative for all Makers and hobbysts who would like to experience 3D resin printing but have not yet done it because of its prohibitive costs,
  • to offer a complete and multifunctional machine that can accompany users in creating their own projects: 3D PRINTER, LASER ENGRAVER, PCB ETCHER ON PRESENSITIZED BOARDS.


Your first resin based 3D printer

Finally, an easy and inexpensive device to move the first steps in the world of 3D printing with resin!

Laser printing and photosensitive resin, fast, with unmatched results from traditional 3D filament printers! Up to 100 microns on all axes.

Prepare and slice your 3d model, save it on SD card: just put it in Lumipoket LT, adjust settings  and she'll take care of everything else!

PC connection is not required during printing.

Laser engraving in an extremely compact machine

Whether in 8-bit raster or vector mode, for engraving and personalizing QR code, business cards, coasters and much more!

Stimulate fantasy, choose an image, a logo, a message and engrave on: paper, cardboard, wood, MDF, expanded polystyrene, leather, fruit, chocolate, soap ..

Converter software from raster image to gcode is free and available here

Engraving PCB traces in a quick and easy way

Forget the traditional process to make a Pcb at home!

Instead of printing a tracing , place it on the pcb, exposing it all under UV lamps, you just need to position a presensitized base on the LumiPocket LT cart, and the UV laser will directly affect the tracks! The base will then be ready for development. Quick and easy!

Lumipocket LT tech specs

Z axis: 1.8° stepper with microstepping, tested Z step: 100 micron
XY axis: belt system, approx. 157.48 step per mm, theoretical resolution 6.35micron (limited by Laser beam size and mechanical constraints)
Laser Beam size: approx. 80-100 micron
Printing/Etching XY size: 60x70mm; Z size approx. 5-6cm
Laser Power: ~140mw (UV)
Device Power: 12V 5A
Max consumption: 60W
Typical consumption: around 40-50W
Dimension: diam. 20 cm* h.41 cm
Weight: 5 kg

From Makers to Makers Lumipocket LT is


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