Face to Face Interview with Ronny Raimondi

Pendenti in Argento da fusione.
Pendenti in Argento da fusione.

Ronny Raimondi is one of the founders of Argento 3000, a company based in Vicenza city one of the biggest Jewellery and Gold districts in Italy and home of the famous Vicenza Oro Trade Fair.

Ronny is not only an expert in 3D printing industry, he is also a complete 4.0 artisan who has made of new digital manufacturing technologies the foremost strength of his business.

Hi Ronny, tell us when and how your company was born?

Argento 3000 srl was founded in 2007 by the merger of two companies, the first was working in the field of fashion accessories and the other in the goldsmith field. They have both been very active for many years in these sectors. In this way, we have acquired techniques and experiences from both to provide a full service to our customers.

Who are your customers?
Our clientele is varied, we go from private persons asking for some very special work to big brands.

What do you do?
We deal with almost everything, we try to give an almost 360° service! By studying the needs of the client, we try to develop the entire process starting from the idea, proceeding through prototyping, and once the final prototype is approved, we dedicate ourselves to serial production.

Anelli in argento da fusione e bracciale placcato oro.

Silver rings from metal casting with gold plated bracelet.

Which services do Argento 3000 offers in the field of goldsmith and fashion accessory?
We offer design and project development services, high-definition prototyping, 3D scanning and reverse engineering, special machining with various finishes, often using many kinds of noble materials. We deal directly with metal castings, surface galvanic treatments, enamel decorations, metalization on resins and plastic material.

Processo di metalizzazione su resina.

Metalization process on resin.

Which software are you using for your work?
For the design we mainly use Rhinoceros 3D, Rhinogold ,Zbrush, 3design. For model correction, we use Magics and Netfabb. For filament printing we use Cura and Simplify3d instead.

Do you personally take care of 3D modeling, do you have some trusted experts or do you download from 3D model online web sites?
For fast tests, I download files directly from the internet. If we need to 3D model serious stuff for clients, I do it myself. However, when I’m full, I have a great colleague who gives me some help.

Annello stampa 3d

Which machines do you have in Argento 3000?
For 3D resin printing we have a great variety of machines depending on requirements such as DWS, Formlabs, Lumi Industries. For filaments we have Zortrax, Raise 3D, Anycubic, Roland printers. But we also have engraving machines, laser cutting and of course a milling machine.

Ronny, you’ve been following us practically since the beginning of our business, and you’ve tried all our machines and managed to get out of them incredibly wonderful prints. Give us your feedback on your experience with Lumipocket Pro and LumiForge.
Both are very good machines that give satisfaction. There are some things that can be improved, and I look forward to the next model for professional use, but in the meantime, I will try LumiPocket LT, which is instead addressed to a public of hobbyists.

And taking about Hobbies, apart from your work at Argento 3000, you always delight us, on social medias, with detailed miniatures. From where was this passion born?
It’s a passion that had been transmitted to me.

Stampa3D con LumiForge e resina Lumireact CS e fusione in metallo.

3Dprinting on LumiForge with Lumireact CS resin and metal casting

How do you handle 3Dprinting of small statues and miniatures?
Printing miniatures is one of the things I like the most, because I know perfectly what the sculptor who sculpted it feels, and how he would like it to be 3D printed: exactly as he has created it! So I always try to choose the best angulation, so that I can limit the number of supports I have to apply for 3Dprinting.

Stampa3D con LumiForge e resina Lumireact HD.

3Dprinting on Lumiforge and Lumireact HD resin.

Which is the 3Dmodel that has given you more headaches?
A jewellery line we have created for a big brand, which I cannot name. It included a lot of functional mechanisms.

And which one gave you more satisfaction?
I do not have a 3D model in particular, but I like to print sculptures for my clients or my digital sculptor friends.

Do you only use resin or filament for your miniatures?
Actually both.

Stampa3D con LumiForge e resina Lumireact HD.

3Dprinting on Lumiforge and Lumireact HD resin.

Which resins do you prefer to use for this type of models?
In general, almost all are working well, if you know how to handle them.


Stampa 3D con Lumipocket Pro e resina Lumireact CS, seguita da fusione in metallo.

3Dprinting on Lumipocket Pro and Lumireact CS resin, followed by metal casting.

Thank you Ronny for the time you have dedicated to us and we look forward to see new wonderful creations!