Text to Braille converter

Lumi Industries really is 3D printing for everyone:  releasing a text to braille converter!

Lumi Industries is releasing a new free useful tool for visually impaired people: an incredibly simple text to braille converter.

Launch the software and enter the text you want to convert in braille. The program will translate your text into braille language creating the 3D model of a solid label as a .stl file you can 3D print with Lumipocket LT 3D printer.

Lumipocket LT is the first portable, user-friendly and affordable resin based Multi-function 3D printer.

Lumipocket LT is the perfect solution to print small details like braille language dots and easily create labels to help blind people to perceive reality around them.

This text to braille converter and braille label creator software is a great educational support for parents, teachers, educators of visually impaired kids and adults.


With this new tool, Lumi Industries is continuing its support to librarylyna, an American association aiming to host the largest collection of high quality educational 3D models to foster learning of the blind and visually impaired