Users' Gallery

Some projects created by our Users

Simone Rasetti:

Digital modeller and sculptor with huge experience in character design and digital restoration with Zbrush e 3DSmax.He is currently involved in the reproduction of several statue for Pompeii’s archaeological site and in studying 3dpritning post-production techniques and material painting.

Software utilizzati: Zbrush, 3DSmax, Mentalray, Photoshop 

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La Culla della Fenice: 

Valeria, is a young artisan from Rome with a great passion for jewellery creation. Through La Culla della Fenice, she expresses her fantasy and makes it real always using new materials and techniques. The discover of 3D pritning has opened her creativity to a world of new possibilities! 

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A3D Models – Alessandro De Paoli

Alessandro De Paoli always had a great passion for the Fantasy world. He is a digital sculptor and 3D modeller, engaged in 3Dpritning and the creation of original characters. he takes cares of the entire process: from the idea, to model post production and printing.

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