Fun To Do Snow White Blend

From pure white to infinite color possibilities.
FTD SW resina stampa3D

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With the Snow White resin for 3D printing, we are entering the arena of unmatched colour posibilities…..! The Snow White has a White colour that stays white.   The white is perfect for printing architectural objects or other objects where white is the predominant colour.

With one bottle of Snow White you can gets one colour drop bottle of 5ml for free in the following colors: black, red yellow, blue.

Finishing Instructions

  1. Agitate in a vat of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), for 2 minutes to remove excess resin. Use a soft brush if necessary.
  2. Clean off any excess IPA with a cold blowdryer or compressed air.
  3. Leave under the sun or in a UV lamp to cure. The resin is sully cured when fingernails do not leave scratch marks on the object.

Store the resin in a dry, cool, shaded place out of direct sunlight.

Do not soak in IPA or water (the resin is hydrophobic). Do not place in an ultrasonic bath.

More information is available at FunToDo.

Units in box: 1